Blue cross

The Blue Cross Society of Pune, founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization working for the welfare of animals.

•        It is a Public Charitable Trust registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, and the Indian Trust Act, 1882 ( regn. no. F-9330 dt. 20/5/94)

•        Our aim is to work for the welfare of animals by:

1. Promoting and creating public awareness about kindness to animals and preventing cruelty.

2.Providing care for abandoned or stray animals.

3.Providing veterinary facilities for large and small animals.

4.Stopping indiscriminate killing of stray dogs and control their population by neutering and spaying them.

5.Re-homing animals.  Adoption Camps for Mixed Breed puppies and kittens.

6.Animal Birth Control + Anti-Rabies (ABC + AR) Programme.

7.With OPD facilities pathology, surgery, and recovery wards for in-patients.

8.Anti-rabies vaccination camps and sterilization drives.

9.Domestic animals like cats, dogs, mules, horses, cattle, donkeys are admitted to the Blue Cross Animal Hospital. These animals may be rescued, abandoned or confiscated.  Some are healthy, others emaciated or even sick and injured. We do our best to nurse them back to health and find new homes.

10.Animal Rescue.  In response to distress calls, The Blue Cross uses its vehicles for rescuing animals.

11.Counseling for Pet Owners.  Often, people who keep a pet have no former experience of handling animals.  We advice solutions so that owning a pet becomes an enriching and rewarding experience for the owners and neighbors alike and also prevents unnecessary hardships or cruelty to pets.

12.Workshops:  With the help of veterinary doctors, trainers and animal behaviorists, the Blue Cross periodically holds workshops on subjects such as :

• Primary first aid to animals

• Handling and training dogs to obey simple commands

• Responsible pet ownership.

13.    Volunteers, Donors And Members’ Meets: In addition to the Annual General Meeting, Blue Cross members and volunteers interact from time to time for events such as Fundraising.

14.    Community Partnerships.  The Blue Cross Partners with like-minded local businesses, such as restaurants, retail outlets to promote animal welfare and raise funds. Community partners host awareness and fund raising programs as well as provide an opportunity for their customers to donate to Blue Cross through a small amount added to their bill. Any help, in cash or in kind, or in the form of dedicated time, is always welcome.  Donations in kind :

• Food grains: rice, dal, soya chunks.

• Milk, milk powder.

• Vegetables: vegetable stalks from, especially green leafy vegetables, garlic, carrots and beans.

• Medicines : Vicryl , tonics, vitamin supplements, antibiotics, ( our vets will be able to provide the complete list).

• Dog food.

• Biscuits.

• Fodder for large animals.

• Old newspapers for covering the floors of  kennels.

• Plastic sheets for protecting the animal sheds / kennels from direct sun / rain.

• Feeding bowls (stainless steel).

• Old furniture, eg. tables, chairs, cupboards for storing registers, medical supplies.

• Surgical instruments.

• Cleaning agents ( disinfectant, soap).

• Construction left overs ( cement, tiles, wire mesh, corrugated sheets etc.) for repair/maintenance / extension of kennels / sheds.

• Equipment: Incinerator, surgical equipment, kennels, cages etc.


Our Address:

Blue Cross Animal Hospital

T-4 Florida Estate

Keshavnagar, Mundhawa

Pune 411036

Ph: + 91-20-65266491/92